Laughly Mobile Pt 2


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Past Homescreen Versions


"Woah, there's a lot of options on this page. I don't want to think about what to listen to.

- user Philipp

Discoverability of content and getting users to play more content are the goals of our homescreen. Toward those goals, I introduced a hero image for highlighting timely and featured content, followed by a series of scrollable carousels that allow for quick, flexible testing of content performance.


Some users felt overwhelmed with the number of options on this page, but stakeholders felt that, as a new app, Laughly needed to show off our new features and content.  

Data showed that the most engaging content was everything above the fold, whatever we featured as a hero, or anything that had famous familiar faces. Based on this, we designed a homescreen sequence for the first 7 app opens for new users, so the most famous faces were guaranteed to be shown in those crucial opens.


Current Homescreen


"I've been using Laughly for a while, I expect that it'll start recommending things to me."

- user John

More testing has shown that users don't mind a lot of content on the Homescreen, as long as it's a personalized experience. They expect that we pay attention to their listening history and their actions like Saved and Shared.


In the current homescreen design, each home carousel is dedicated to one type of content, which ideally would evolve with each user's listening history. Since these content types are also new features, we want them to be front and center to show users that we're actively evolving the app. Albums and Stations still reign supreme in play-time, so they're still prominently displayed in the hero and the first two highly engaged carousels.  

Next Steps:

  • Discussions around which type of content serves our users and business best, since not all are created equal
  • Development of better algorithms to populate Home to be the hyper-personalized solution 

Past Social Feed Versions

stakeholder icon.png

"The comedy community is our unique strength, we need to harness it and center the app around this"

- Key Laughly Stakeholder

As a company focus, I was asked to design a feature that would highlight user activity and opinions throughout the app. After competitive analysis, we settled on an activity feed that automatically generates "posts" and comment fields below each album and comedian.


Social Wireframes


During user testing, users revealed they were unable to associate the users, content images, and content info with each other since the images were very large. We made each “post” more compact and simplified the types of content to just albums. In that vein, we simplified to just listens, not shares or saves, to be more in-line with behavior of other social feeds. 


Current Social Feed Page


To provide freshness to the social feed, the latest iteration now pulls in selected comedian Tweets from top comedians. Since this requires additional editorial time, we're continuing this only if engagement and listening time increases.

Next steps, we're going to run more research on how this feature helps us tell the Laughly story, and how community opinions can provide perspective on our comedy content.


Podcast Sketches


"We need to add podcasts to be at feature parity with competitors and increase retention."

- Key Laughly Stakeholder

The podcast feature was the first major departure from the basic comedian, album, track format everywhere else in Laughly. After an analysis of the popular podcast players including Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, and Overcast, along with user testing, I determined some major functionality that needed to be offered:  

  • Subscribing to shows
  • Displaying which episodes are new, partially listened to, finished listening to
  • A feed of new episodes of subscribed shows
  • Offline download

Current Podcast Page


Laughly faces additional challenges in that we're one of the few podcast apps that offers more types of content than podcasts. New episodes of subscribed shows are more buried than they would otherwise be, since albums still take precedence for Laughly. 

Next steps: Run more user tests on what it would take for users to ditch their existing podcast apps.