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Laughly Mobile App


Lead UX designer, visual designer, and researcher for the "Spotify of Stand-up Comedy."

Driving feature definition and design from beta, through launch, and now to over 250,000 users. Featured on the Apple App Store 4+ times.




Past Comedian Pages

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Current Comedian Page


Past Onboarding Iterations

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Designed and iterated on the tutorial, sign-up, onboarding, and in-app tip experience. Improved registration by 25% and 10-day stickiness by 20%

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Current Onboarding


A recent move to a subscription-only model required a complete re-design of onboarding. After testing we settled on adding a CTA three screens in and prompting starting a free trial after they select a preferred comedian. 



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Past Navigation Iterations

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Current Navigation

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Past Homescreen Iterations

Homescreen concepts centered around a hero image and series of carousels, but we also tested a large departure to a social feed as home. Changes were made and tested based on programming needs, performance of content, and product directives like social.


Current Homescreen

With the introduction of two new types of content (Livestreaming Events and Podcasts), I lead a complete re-org of the navigation with these main goals: 1) Highlighting the best performing content, 2) personalized recommendations, 3) breadth of content.


Comedian Pages

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Past Comedian Page Iterations

Each comedian on Laughly gets a dedicated page, which presents a challenging balance between drawing attention to their main content of albums and podcast appearances, not to mention actions to take on the content (share, save, comment, start Comedian Radio). We tested many iterations driving toward increased play time and repeat visits for big name comedians with multiple albums.


Current Comedian Page Design

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Podcast Sketches

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