Comedian Portal

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Comedian Portal


Laughly’s first B2B product - a portal to upload comedic albums and review analytics on how content is performing. 


User Personas

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Features Designed





Submit Album

Submit Album - Last Step





Comedian Portal Deep Dive




Home hi-fi designs

Home blocking


The goal was for the home page to present quick insight into the main features of the comedian portal, allowing them to take a deep dive where they want to:

  • Share comedian content and grow their audience
  • Notifications of timely news regarding their content
  • Analytics on performance of content
  • Catalog of all uploaded content

For the navigation and player that frames every page of the comedian portal, we took inspiration from Laughly web. 

In general, we kept the design as simple as possible, until we have indication on what type of content users find useful. Uploaded albums are shown as large images, without a lot of supporting information, since there’s a detailed page for each album. 




Specific analytics shown will be determined after we ask comedians what data they’ll find most useful and what they’ll use that data to inform - Will they use city data to set tour dates or will they track joke topic to determine their future open mic sets? 


Based on listening info we were tracking and collecting, analytics were broken down into a few major sections, including: 

  • Week over week trends
  • Numbers at a glance
  • Engagement numbers
  • Top demographics

Album Upload


User Flow Mapping


Additional details for the album upload user flow were driven by principles such as:  

  • Clear indication of where users are in the process, and how many steps they have left
  • Clear instructions for each step,  e.g. what type of file is accepted
  • Confirmation steps, so they always have a chance to back track and double-check their work

Current Designs


Submit Content - first step


Album upload - last step


Next, we'll want to test these screens with comedians to learn:

  • Where there are common blockers or confusion, especially around initial content type selection and processing time after submission
  • What, if any, additional functionality we should build in. One idea is to add subject tagging on an album or track level.